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Challenging Boundaries: Exploring Academic Success And Marginal Identities
Class consciousness: The significance of Nietzsche
Class in space: A critical analysis of modern trends in science fiction film and television
Conceptions of family in social work education
Contemporary Christian rock music in the megachurch: The megachurch and popular secular culture
Critical perspectives on the current educational system in Japan and alternative education; creating ethical and democratic society
DREAM ACTivism : college students' offline and online activism for undocumented immigrant youth rights
Disseminating through melodies: Investigating intersectionalities of music, knowledge and power
Does citizenship status, education, and medical insurance protect against psychological distress among adult Mexican immigrants?
Education and ethics of peace: The missing link in life
Finding forever homes : a qualitative study on the experiences of foster parents in San Diego County
Gender Expression: A Qualitative Study of the Reflections of Recent LGBT High School Graduates' Experiences
Gender and power: A theoretical analysis of gendered prison work programs
Gender at the intersection of feminist and queer organizing in the post-Yugoslav context
Gender variant neologisms
Good for her: A contemporary analysis of the final girl trope through the lens of neoliberal feminism
Hip-hop manifesto: an analysis of Immortal Technique through a theoretical lens
Household preparedness levels along the San Andreas Fault
Indigenous resistance to neoliberal globalization : the struggle to just be
Kara Thrace and her special destiny : a qualitative content analysis of the character Kara "Starbuck" Thrace in the television series Battlestar Galactica