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Dielectric properties of alcohol mixtures
Efficient modeling of nuclei through coupling of proton and neutron wavefunctions
Electronic, magnetic and thermal properties of superconducting cuprates
Emissive properties of nano-layered aluminum doped zinc oxide
Emulating two-level quantum systems using coupled LC oscillators
Encoding diffractive optical elements onto a programmable liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Equation of state calculations of 3-flavor of quark matter using the PNJL model
Experimental and theoretical study of mitochondrial inner membrane conformation: Electron microscope tomography and thermodynamics
Exploring aqueous solutions of dna using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Exploring dynamically-driven coupled LC oscillators as an experimental, semiclassical analog of a two-level atom
Generalized diffractive optical elements with asymmetric response and phase control
Hall effect study of iron-arsenide-based superconducting compounds under pressure
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference for multilayered Al:SnO/ZnO metamaterial
Hot nuclear matter and the properties of (proto-) neutron stars
Improving nuclear density functional theory predictions with an artificial neural network
Improving nuclear mass predictions using machine learning algorithms
Interferometry and its uses
Investigation of Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering
Magnetic properties of Sr_YRu__xrxO_ compounds
Measurement threshold of a transimpedance amplifier with specific application to mass spectroscopy