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Epicurean theory of mind
Equality, responsibility, and climate policy
Excavating Plato's cave
Foundations of cognitive states
Global bioethics: Art, death, and personhood
God, Possible Worlds, And William Rowe'S Theistic Dilemma
Heidegger and cybernetics
Heidegger and death: A response to Edwards
Heidegger on spatiality
How we can be justified in creating a system of control for superintelligence
Hume and motivated reasoning
Hóngzhi Zhēngjué's 宏智正覺 silent illumination teachings as the roots of Dōgen Zen 道元禅
I'm a compatibilist, but only because I have to be
Infinite justification
Lehrer on belief and acceptance
Levinas and Kierkegaard : critical companions
Mexicanidad: A damaged identity
Neoliberalism in higher education: Social Stockholm Syndrome
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy