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Numerical solution of a model of superfluid helium film
Dielectric properties of alcohol mixtures
A theorem on volume in higher-dimensional Euclidean spaces
Relative transition probabilities of two upper levels in neon
Experimental and theoretical study of mitochondrial inner membrane conformation: Electron microscope tomography and thermodynamics
The cosomological constant and the formation of compact stars in the early universe
Hall effect study of iron-arsenide-based superconducting compounds under pressure
A Monte Carlo simulation of the Compton camera
Atomic factorization of molecular interactions
Benchmarking approximations for the electronic structure of atoms
Optical excitation of positronic atoms
Spin-up evolution of neutron stars in x-ray binaries
Methodological improvements in voxel based analysis of diffusion tensor images: Applications to study the impact of APOE on white matter integrity
New experiments in diffractive optics and polarization control using a programmable liquid crystal display
Supercontinuum generated white light optical vortices interaction and control from a programmable spatial light modulator
Four-dimensional radiotherapy treatment planning for lung cancer
Evaluation of the clinical implementation of a deep inspiration breath hold left breast tangential beam radiotherapy treatment
Response of a jammed system of telechelic associating polymers to an external stress
Cumulative dose evaluation for head and neck cancers
A comparison of deformable image registration algorithms and their applicability to 4DCT lung images