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TFM 625 Seminar:  Writing Short Narrative and Documentary Films
TFM 605 Seminar: Production for Television and Film
TFM 573 Selected Topics in History of Film, TV, and Media:  History of Women in Prime-time Television
TFM 561 Advanced Television:  Production
TFM 560 Advanced Film: Production
TFM 530 Selected Topics in Genre Studies for Television and Film: Comedy or Laughing in the Dark
TFM 430 History of Prime-Time Television
TFM 364A History of Film Classics
TFM 361 Studio Production
TFM 330 Cultural Aspects of Media
TFM 322 Cinematography for Television and Film:  Intermediate Cinematography
TFM 314 Film and Video Production, section 01
TFM 160 Cinema as Art:  Introduction to Cinema, sections 01 through 03
TFM 110 Writing for Television and Film
TE 954 The Social Context of Education, section 26
TE 914 Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School, section 04
TE 910C Teaching Science
SWORK 750 Advanced Field Practicum: Direct Practice Social Work
STAT 550 Applied Probability, section 01
RWS 305W Writing in Various Settings, section 01