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COMM 482 Communication and Politics
LING 501 Fundamentals of Linguistics
COMM 428 Communicating Health and Well-Being at Work
COMM 792 Seminar: Persuasion
LING 354 Language and Computers
COMM 555 Conflict Management Communication
ME 202 Computer Programming Application
Phytoremediation potential of California native wetland plants: Linking microbial activity and native plants to remediation of heavy metals
COMM 407 Communicative Perspectives on Interviewing
COMM 715 Seminar: Nonverbal Communication
COMM 103 Oral Communication
LING 503 Functions of Language
COMM 445 Relational Communication
COMM 427 Health Communication and Cultural Communities
LING 550 Theory and Practice of Teaching English as a Second Language, Section 1
COMM 204 Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 495 Communication Capstone: Conceptualizing and Investigating Communication
COMM 446 Communication and Rhetorical Movements
COMM 450 Rhetorical Theory