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Collection Description

The Veterans Oral History Program at San Diego State University was developed to collect and preserve the dynamic experiences of the campus' military-connected community. The goals of the Veterans Oral History Program are to bridge the civilian-military gap, offer a safe and welcoming venue for individual reconciliation and generate a bank of experiences for future generations to review and from which to learn about the impact of military service over time.

Through generous support of the SDSU Presidential Leadership Fund, these program goals will provide San Diego State University's military-connected students an increased sense of welcoming, support, and focus while pursuing their academic studies. Additionally, military-affiliated alumni will have an opportunity to share their experiences, in turn providing virtual mentorship for the next generation of SDSU Aztecs. This student success will lead to greater community engagement (i.e. SDSU alumni, civic agencies, private industry, etc.) as well as research opportunities to improve pedagogical methods on campus, along with identifying shifts in long-term trends of military stressors and their impact on the individual, their families, and society.

The Veterans Oral History Program consists of the following three key elements:

  • Oral History Interviews: One-on-one interviews sharing and individuals personal experiences of military service.
  • Group Dialogues: Small group discussions sharing the dynamic and diverse impact of military service.
  • History 390W: "The Writing of War, Remembrance, and Reconciliation," a writing course offered through the SDSU History Department open to any student regardless of military affiliation.

Participation is voluntary and at no time will personal identifiable or confidential information be shared with third parties or outside agencies. Please contact us at vohp@sdsu.edu for additional information.

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