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Collection Description

Students in Professor SE Cayleff's graduate Women's Studies Seminar Narrating Lives (fall 2019) interviewed 23 people crucial to the founding, development, and ongoing excellence of Department of Women's Studies at SDSU since 1970. This is the first large-scale, uniformly conducted project of its kind on the Department. The class offered feedback on the interview questions, chose who they would like to interview, conducted the interviews, proofed the transcriptions and framed each interview with historical sources from the era.

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50th Anniversary of Women's Studies Oral History Project
A brochure accompanying the oral histories conducted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the San Diego State University Women's Studies Department. When founded in 1970, it was the first program of its kind., San Diego State University
Barbara Watson Oral History
Barbara Watson is interviewed by Rogelia Mata via telephone. Watson begins by answering demographic questions. Watson says she was not an activist, instead "I was very active in my department." Watson discusses how Marilyn J. Boxer revitalized the department in 1974 and "insisted on academic excellence and involvement." She talks about the daunting challenges for being such a new program. Watson discusses the roles of genders in societies., San Diego State University
Beverly Yuen Thompson Oral History
Beverly Yuen Thompson is interviewed by Temperance Russell via telephone. Thompson starts by answering demographic questions. Thompson talks about her graduate work both at and after her time at SDSU. She talks about the climate and culture when she was a graduate student in the late 90s. She mentions several faculty members who were instrumental in her success in the program., San Diego State University
Bonnie Scott Oral History
Bonnie Scott is interviewed by Anna Buckley. After answering demographic questions, Scott discusses her time in the Women's Studies Department from 2001 to 2011. She mentions the 40th anniversary of the Women's Studies Department. She talks about the collaboration to create a textbook for Women's Studies 102., San Diego State University
Bonnie Zimmerman Oral History
Bonnie Zimmerman is interviewed by Natalie Flores via telephone. Zimmerman begins by answering demographic questions. Zimmerman discusses the status of the department when she arrived in 1978. She talks about developing the first lesbian course in the department. She discusses the campus culture when she first arrived and the way the campus has diversified since then., San Diego State University
Brodie Reynolds Oral History
Brodie Reynolds is interviewed by Rachel Norton via telephone. Reynolds answers demographic questions. He explains how his time at SDSU helped explain questions about his upbringing. He talks about he wanted to turn his degree towards "feminist science fiction." He discusses the various jobs he has had since graduating. He talks about an interesting experience with a basketball players in one of his classes., San Diego State University
Carol Council-Rowell Oral History
Carol Council-Rowell is interviewed by Barbara Perez via telephone. Council-Rowell was the coordinator for the first three years of the Women's Studies program from 1969-71. She discusses how a conference on gender and sex roles in Reno set her on her course. Discussions with Joyce Nower lead to a discussion group and the eventual formation of the department. Council-Rowell mentions various faculty who were helpful in setting up the program as well as various obstacles that were in the path., San Diego State University
Carol Perkins Oral History
Carol Perkins is interviewed by Kirsten Yonan. Perkins explains how she came to work at SDSU starting in 1975. She talks about her time in the theater group Sisters on Stage. She discusses the campus climate in the mid 70s. She talks about obstacles such as needing a PhD or a lack of worthwhile material in her areas of specialty., San Diego State University
Doreen Mattingly Oral History
Doreen Mattingly is interviewed by Anna Buckley. Mattingly begins by answering demographic questions. The current chair, as of the interview, Mattingly came to SDSU in 1995 only teaching 30% in Women's Studies and 70% in Geography but after receiving tenure in 2001 asked to move 100% to Women's Studies, preferring the "focus on public scholarship and activism and linking teaching to your research." She enjoyed working with the faculty already established in the department. She discusses the changes on campus since she began., San Diego State University
Frances Smith-Foster Oral History
Frances Smith-Foster is interviewed by Rogelia Mata via telephone. She begins by answering demographic information. Foster explains that though she taught in the department she was a member of the Afro American Studies department. She discusses the transition from hostility from the rest of the campus to the creation of the department when it was founded to a sort of indifference. She mentions the strength of the faculty as a major reason for the department's success. She discusses the bias involved with being black in the Women's Studies department and being female in the Afro American Studies department., San Diego State University
Huma Ahmed-Ghosh Oral History
Huma Ahmed-Ghosh is interviewed by Ariana Aritelli. After answering demographic questions, Ahmed-Ghosh describes how she came to work at SDSU. She discusses the change in administration at the university from people who came up through the academic ranks to becoming "very corporatized." She describes the women's resource center as her "shining glory." She mentions the complications of "intersectional identities.", San Diego State University
Jeff Bucholtz Oral History
Jeff Bucholtz is interviewed by Ariana Aritelli. Buchholtz identifies himself as the first male student to graduate from the master's program (and possibly the first admitted). He discusses his work on the prevention of sexual violence. He mentions the dynamics involved with his presence in the department. Bucholtz feels the name of the department should stay "Women's Studies" because of the history of the department., San Diego State University