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Collection Description

The San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition (SDUSC) was created to address systemic inequity after it became clear that Southeast San Diego’s community lacked representation in important discussions of sustainability, as well as opportunities to enter the green job economy. Today, it exists to bring together communities of concern, stakeholders and like-minded organizations through grassroots organizing, to inform processes and policy, to improve quality of life, and to increase opportunities for residents of Southeast San Diego and other communities.

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Designing Research Methods for Community Engagement in Southeast San Diego
The research in this report was created through a partnership between the San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition (SDUSC) and the Sage Project at San Diego University during Spring of 2022. This research was conducted by students in an upper division anthropology class titled ANTH 531 Methods in Applied Anthropology. This research project aimed to create a community engagement approach in Southeast San Diego, San Diego County District 4, to obtain a baseline of the community needs, priorities, and knowledge about resources and opportunities that would help community members attain a better quality of life and more sustainable way of living., San Diego State University
Policy Proposals for a Sustainable and Equitable Future for San Diego
This detailed report, created as part of the Sage Project’s partnership with the San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition, presents numerous policies with an aim towards sustainable and equitable development and life for all communities within San Diego County, with a particular focus on residents of Southeast San Diego, a community that is impacted by numerous health, social, and economic disparities due to historical neglect. The report presents seven policy briefs which consider how the policies – whether they are effective, efficient, and equitable – directly affect San Diego residents., San Diego State University
Southeast San Diego: A Historical View
As a dedicated nonprofit striving to give communities of concern in Southeast San Diego a voice, the San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition (SDUSC) partnered with the Sage Project to investigate historical events that led to the current state of inequalities in Southeast San Diego. SDUSC wanted to know more than where the county is now, they wanted to know how it got there. The student writers and researchers from Dr. Dustin Edwards’ RWS 507 Nonprofit Communication class that collaborated with SDUSC staff went on a deep dive into policies and practices that forged problems residents now face. The web of laws, regulations, and economics that has shaped San Diego is constantly changing; thus, this report does not suggest solutions to current challenges nor is it comprehensive. Each section topic is a glance into influential events and policies, as an entire history would warrant its own report., San Diego State University