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A Day without Human Rights is like a day without Sunshine! 1977
Below the slogan in the title is the same parade theme as on the flyer at JE14, two each male and female gender symbols intertwined with a label across them reading "Unity" with a bullet on either side of the word. The date, place, and time of the parade assembly are given, along with the starting time. At the bottom the place and time of the rally are printed., year derived from button Z-0799, which had this date
A Planning Meeting for The Lesbian/Gay Men, for Parade, 1977
The meeting advertised on this flyer was to take place on Wednesday, May 18, at 7 pm at what was known as the "Gay Center" at 2250 B Street. The parade is called "Christopher Street Day Parade," and in the center there are two male and two female gender symbols intertwined. There are also credit for the graphics (printed vertically at right), and a telephone number at the bottom.
Benefit Disco-Dance on Mother's Day May 9 at the Ball Express, 1976
This pink, offset-printed flyer shows a happy woman with a pie and an inset of a cottage with a lawn inside a flower border. It gives the address of the Ball Express, along with times of shows featuring "Kent & Maxine," the suggested donation, and a telephone number of the sponsoring Gay Pride Parade Committee with a "care of" address on B Street in San Diego.
Bookmark from Gay Pride Parade Committee, Gay Spirit San Diego, 1976
From the shiny look at top right, this appears to be a laminated bookmark. It gives a "care of" address on B Street in San Diego for the Gay Pride Parade Committee, and has the logo of the Gay Spirit '76 San Diego Parade" scheduled for June 27, 1976. There is a quotation attributed to Frederick Douglass at right: "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress...." with a date.
Celebrate Gay Pride Day in San Diego, Parade, Rally, Speakers, 1975
This flyer appears to have been produced by an offset printing process. It gives the date (June 28) and details of a parade, rally with speakers Alan Spear, Barbara Gittings, and George Raya, and promises "Entertainment." The parade begins at what was sometimes called "Hobo Park" (Pantoja Park) and ends at Sixth Avenue and Laurel, the entrance to Balboa Park.
Flyer for "A Gay Pride Concert starring Steven Grossman"
This flyer was printed on goldenrod paper with a large photograph of the performing artist. At the top the sponsor is named: "The Gay Center." At bottom are the names "Jamie Stewart--Nancy and Marci," the date "Friday, June 27th," place "Ball Express 4025 Pacific Coast Highway," and time "8:00 PM."
Flyer for "Gay Pride Parade '76, Gay Spirit 76 San Diego, June 27," 1976
Much of the blue has faded from this blue and black flyer that maps the parade route, gives the date (June 27), place, and times of starting, and advertises a "faire, booths, & entertainment" an hour after the parade has begun. An image of the famous Philadelphia cracked liberty bell is at lower right, and at the bottom is the text "labor donated."
Gay Pride Committee '76 Benefit non-sexist dance at Basin Street, 1976
This offset-printed flyer advertises a dance at Basin Street at 3796 Fifth Avenue "On St. Patrick's Day Wed March 17th." It further states that the admission fee is $1, and that the hours will be "8 pm to 1 am." Basin Street is described by the Lambda Archives as a "gay youth disco" that had closed by 1982., http://www.lambdaarchives.us/timelines/lgbt/timeline1980.htm seen 7/10/2017
Gay Pride Parade Committee's restrictions on participants, 1976
This flyer, mimeographed on letterhead of the Gay Pride Parade Committee for 1976, may have been a handout to parade participants. It is dated and has a handwritten change toward the bottom. Fourteen rules were "agreed" on, about signs, banners, vehicle fees, insurance for horses, deadlines, floats, the theme, and distribution of literature at the "Gay Spirit 76 San Diego" event.
Gay-Pride-Parade flyer
This flyer was duplicated using a ditto stencil and machine (spirit duplicator). The typically blue color shows both typing, "to commemorate the Stonewall Riots on Christopher Street the beginning of the Gay Liberation Front," and drawing on the stencil: the title, "When where march rally," Lesbians Ignite," "GLF," musical notes, "Friends Love," and a sun and flowers.
San Diego Democratic Club Meeting Announcement, September 27, 1976
This meeting announcement gives the place (2905 Eagle Street, San Diego), date, and time of meeting and an agenda. There is also a note about "The Clubs' Cocktail Party," which "will be held on Sunday, Oct. 3rd," giving the same address and a list of "confirmed guests." The note ends with "George Murphy will be contacting the club members concerning Hors-d'oeuvres."
San Diego Lesbian/Gay Men's Unity Parade, Sunday June 26, 1977
This black-and-white flyer shows two male and two female gender symbols intertwined, a label with the word "unity" across them with a bullet at beginning and end. The parade route, date, and start time are shown, along with the time and place of the Pride Rally., year derived from button Z-0799, which had this date