Collection Description

This collection contains ephemera regarding various social issues across the United States, with specific attention paid to the San Diego State University (College) campus and the greater San Diego area. The bulk of the collection dates from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, but material extends as far forward as 2017.

Some of the issues covered include: women's rights; civil rights; Marxism; Socialism; Vietnam war protests; prisoners' rights; and counter-culture or alternative lifestyles.

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25 million American women who have had abortions are voters, not "murderers," 1976
This flyer reports abortion statistics from around the United States. It includes information about the San Diego Chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW).
A Call to the Community Majority
This flyer reproduces an essay that calls for community majority decisions and procedures to appreciate minority needs and opinions and abandon "biolence" (violence against biological organisms), written by Roger C. Birosel.
A Modern Red Riding Hood, 1971
This modern retelling of Red Riding Hood reimagines the fairy tale in a contemporary setting. It mocks the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the "Civil Liberties Union." The top right corner of this product of a spirit duplicator has the notation "Extract of today" with a signature and date.
A Philosophy of Free Communication in a Democratic Society, 1968
Authored by James McDougall on behalf of Students for a Democratic Society, this short essay describes San Diego State College's role in protecting the rights of students. The date has been written in at the bottom of the page.
A UCLA Center for Psychosurgery? Unless we stop it, 1973
Created and disseminated by Students for a Democratic Society, this pamphlet details the nature of psychosurgery, and encourages readers to reject what it calls false scientific claims and protest a potential center at the University of California, Los Angeles. There were two loose flyers inside the pamphlet (pages 2-4).
A call to Californians... American needs Nixon now!
This brochure, created specifically for California residents, promotes Richard M. Nixon in the 1968 presidential elections. Includes several photographs of Nixon, including ones with Nikita Khruschev, Dwight Eisenhower, Moshe Dayan, and his family (Pat, Tricia, and Julie Nixon).
A clean environment yes on 9, 1972
Distributed by the People for the Clean Environment Act, this brochure describes and promotes Proposition 9, also known as the Clean Environment Act. This California proposition, "Regulation of the composition and qualities of internal combustion engine fuels," was defeated in the June election. The date has been written in at the bottom.
A letter from Eldridge Cleaver
Distributed by the Peace and Freedom Party, this flyer reproduces a letter by Eldridge Cleaver requesting support for his presidential candidacy.
A letter to GI's on the '68 Elections from Fred Halstead, 1968
The majority of this pamphlet is an open letter written by Fred Halstead, Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate, to an unnamed soldier regarding the 1968 elections. The soldier's letter was published in the weekly socialist newspaper, The Militant, on January 8 and is reproduced here.
A statement on T.N.C. programs and projects
This flyer describes the programs and projects of the Tuesday the Ninth Committee at San Diego State College. Stapled to it were two bills for training teachers at alternative schools.
A.F.T. News release, 1967
This press release from John C. Sperling, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) College Council concerns salary negotiations. The "-30-" on the second page is the traditional mark for the end of a newspaper story. Press releases were expected to go straight into print and so were written for that eventuality.
AAUP Statement on the Academic Freedom of Students
This flyer reproduces parts of the "Statement on the Academic Freedom of Students" by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).