Collection Description

The Detainee Allies Letter Collection (previously Otay Mesa Detention Center Detainee Letters) documents the hidden stories of hundreds of refugees from human rights hot spots around the world--including Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil, Cameroon, Eritrea and China. The letters are from detainees held at various detention centers under the authority of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). These letters provide insight into the lives of asylum seekers and migrants both before and during detention. Identifying information has been redacted to protect the privacy and safety of the writers. Letters date from July 2018 to present.

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Letter from a Cameroonian detainee
L. writes of being deeply stressed over continued detention and separation from family members, who are in danger in Africa. Feeling helpless due to the uncertainty of an upcoming final court appearance, L. thanks the Allies for their letters of support and asks for their prayers.
Letter from a Mexican detainee
T. writes of being wrong about the commissary number and corrects it so the Allies can put money into the account. Also, T. thanks the Allies for helping.
Letter from a detainee
Author CCJ wishes the Allies success and health and asks for help since the author cannot count on support from family or friends.