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Collection of student theses and dissertations from as early as 1939, but mainly from 2010 to present.

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A comparative analysis of the musical activities within three German occupied concentration camps: Warsaw, Terezín, and Auschwitz
Includes bibliographical references (p. 71-72)., The intention of this study was to examine the musical activities within three different concentration camps during World War II. The chosen concentration camps for this thesis represented three distinct types of camps: a ghetto, a transitory/labor camp, and an extermination camp. Comparative methods were used to discover similarities and differences of the musical activities that were allowed and encouraged by the Nazis. The study focused on seven areas of interest: repertoire, instruments, ensembles, venues, rules dictating musical activities, Nazi's use of music, and the musicians' status within the camp. It was found that the type of musical activities that existed within the camp directly correlated with the objective of that particular camp. Auschwitz was designed to systematically exterminate the Jews through their elaborate gas and crematorium chambers. Terezín was used for propaganda purposes to convince worried world leaders of the general well-being of the Jews. And finally, Warsaw was a temporary gathering place for the Jews until its citizens could be transported to extermination camps. Music existed in the camps and was used as a tool to survive the war.
A comparative analysis of three clinical data management systems across seven major categories
Clinical data management systems are becoming increasingly valuable clinical trials of all types. Capturing numerous data elements in a reproducible and replicable with standardized sets of data elements and workflows is essential to successful clinical trials. In this thesis, three clinical data management systems (REDCap, OpenClinica, and a custom built application) are compared and evaluated along seven major categories: (1) interoperability; (2) data management; (3) workflow management; (4) security and compliances; (5) licensing; (6) community; and (7) system requirements; This evaluation provides background for making an informed decision among clinical data management system platforms for the needs of clinical research across the aforementioned seven categories, which span the key elements of clinical data management systems, San Diego State University
A comparative investigation of delinquents and non-delinquents regarding their parental adjustments
Statement of the problem. It was the purpose of this study to determine if adolescents who demonstrate problems of social maladjustment are likely to admit many areas of conflict with their parents., San Diego State College, Digitization of this archival thesis was made possible through a generous donation from Robin B. Luby.
A comparative study of Holocene sand and Cretaceous sandstone derived from the Peninsular Ranges, California and Baja California Norte, Mexico: Evidence for deep dissection of the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc
Detailed modal data on the composition of Holocene sand derived from pre-Tertiary rocks of the Peninsular Ranges are used to independently test previously proposed provenance-discrimination models, and are also compared to data for sandstones from the Late Cretaceous Point Loma Formation. The results of this study indicate that detritus in sandstones from the Point Loma Formation was derived from the deeply dissected plutonic/metamorphic roots of the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc. This conclusion is significant because it implies that parts of the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc were uplifted, deeply dissected, and nearly stripped clean of their volcanic cover by Late Cretaceous time. There is little evidence in the San Diego area for the volcanic detritus that was presumably derived from the denudation of the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc. This apparent paradox may imply that: (1) the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc system was unlike modern arc systems and lacked an extensive volcanic cover; or, (2) the volcanic debris derived from the erosion of the volcanic cover is hidden beneath the Pacific Ocean, or was tectonically removed., San Diego State University
A comparative study of genetic patterns in two closely related and sympatric Peromyscus species
Population genetic patterns can be affected by a number of factors, including life history characteristics, behavior, and landscape features. The ability to identify patterns and correlations among these factors can be invaluable in managing populations, particularly in areas with ever increasing urbanization. While many genetic studies have incorporated these parameters as potential influences in genetic structure, they often focus on a single species, with the resulting data having limited applicability in a broader conservation context. Comparative studies of similar or related species may offer important evidence to refine assumptions that are often made about the genetic response of similar species to natural and anthropogenic factors. The current study investigated genetic patterns in Peromyscus californicus and Peromyscus fraterculus in San Diego, California. The two species are closely related and commonly occur in coastal sage scrub and chaparral habitats, often in sympatry. Samples were collected from five sites throughout the county and analyzed using 10-12 microsatellites. Genetic patterns were evaluated on both broad (county-wide) and fine (intrasite) spatial scales through use of standard diversity and differentiation metrics, Bayesian clustering analysis, and landscape modeling. The results indicated that similar levels of genetic diversity exist in these species. Subtle genetic structure was present on a broad scale for both species, but finer scale structure was evident only in P. fraterculus. Fine scale spatial genetic patterns also differed between the species, and may be related to differences in certain life history traits such as mating system and dispersal. Two subpopulations of P. fraterculus located on opposite sides of the road at Jamul were found to be genetically different, but landscape modeling was unsuccessful in establishing influence of the road or other specific landscape features on these genetic patterns., San Diego State University
A comparative study of music contests and festivals in the public school instrumental music program
Music festivals and contests are centuries old. The history of Greece reveals that the Hellenic people taught athletics, military practices, oratory, and musical compositions through the media of their great games and festivals. During the middle ages Jesuits encouraged competition to stimulate learning. The Trouvers and Troubadours in France, the Meistersinger and Minnesinger in Germany, were forerunners of the festivals and contests., San Diego State College, Digitization of this archival thesis was made possible through a generous donation from Robin B. Luby.
A comparative study of preview practices and preferences of California audio-visual directors and educational film producers and distributors
One of the major responsibilities assigned to directors of audio-visual education is that of conducting previews of educational motion pictures being considered for purchase. Such a responsibility is generally recognized to be a large and time-consuming one. While there appears to be some general agreement among audio-visual directors as to certain acceptable methods and procedures with regard to pre-purchase previewing, there are also some differences of opinion on certain specific procedures which account, in part, for the many varied practices which actually exist., San Diego State College, Digitization of this archival thesis was made possible through a generous donation from Robin B. Luby.
A comparative study of teacher and father perceptions of father involvement in USA and India
The purpose of this study was to examine the type and extent of father involvement in their children’s early childhood education in both India and USA. This is important because research indicates that father involvement has long term effects on children’s behavioral, educational, social and emotional development. The current study utilized a cross-cultural, mixed-method design to examine both father and early childhood educator reports regarding father involvement. Participants consisted of 35 fathers (13 from the USA and 22 from India), and 32 early childhood educators (11 from the USA, 16 from India.) All participants filled out questionnaires and a subset of interested fathers also participated in qualitative interviews. Data analysis revealed several key findings. Most notably, there was a significant difference between father involvement in America and in India, with American fathers reporting more involvement in their child’s early education activities. Father involvement across cultures was associated with father emotion coaching. Analysis of the qualitative data indicated that both groups of fathers were highly motivated to be involved and to have a close bond with their children. However, Indian fathers reported more structural barriers to involvement. In particular, Indian fathers described having inflexible work schedules, that resulted in little time to spend with their children. Similarly, Indian cultural norms, which tend to be more traditional with regard to gender roles, limited Indian fathers’ ability to be as involved as they wished to be. In contrast, American fathers reported that they used tag-teaming as a parenting approach to parent their young children. The results have implications promoting parent emotion coaching as well as school, workplace, and governmental policies to support father involvement across cultures. Keywords: Father Involvement, Early Childhood Education, Emotion Coaching, USA, India, Cross-Cultural, San Diego State University