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The City of Lemon Grove is an intimate community of about 26,000 residents in southeast San Diego County. As a small municipality nested within an expansive metropolis, Lemon Grove faces the unique challenge of preserving its unique history and small town charm amidst a largely urban landscape. The city’s small town attributes are not only attractive to residents and visitors, but they also allow for more feasible implementation of rapid and widespread sustainable practices. The City of Lemon Grove continues to gain momentum as a model of sustainability as it seeks innovative ways to address both community and global needs.

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Active Transportation and Community Involvement in the City of Lemon Grove
This report is based on the compilation of work by students from Dr. Dustin Edwards’ RWS 360 Rhetoric of Sustainability class, which participated in the San Diego State University Sage Project and their partnership with the City of Lemon Grove. The students were tasked with researching and presenting the City of Lemon Grove with a set of ideas and recommendations that could be used to increase the use of active transportation in the city, both for the well-being of residents and to move Lemon Grove towards its environmental sustainability goals., San Diego State University
Air Quality and Noise Pollution in Lemon Grove
This report details a collaboration between the San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health’s Spring 2017 PH 632 Air Quality course, the Sage Project, and the City of Lemon Grove. The studies contained in this report were designed to provide the City of Lemon Grove with data regarding humidity, noise levels, and ambient air quality and to assess the usability of certain areas of the city. This report covers four ambient air and noise sampling studies in Lemon Grove performed by four graduate student groups. Their purpose was to determine whether the residents of Lemon Grove were exposed to excessive ambient concentrations of particulate matter (PM) as well as excessive ambient noise levels. Multiple PM2.5 mass concentration and particle count measuring devices were used. Instruments that measure ambient noise, relative humidity, and temperature were also used., San Diego State University
Alternate Modes of Transportation in the City of Lemon Grove
The bike lane network plans outlined in this report were created through the partnership between Lemon Grove and the Sage Project at San Diego State University during the fall of 2016. Upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in Geography 484, under the guidance of Dr. Atsushi Nara, used Graphic Information Systems (GIS) infrastructure to formulate a new circulation plan for a project site in the Lemon Grove Promenade. Proposals were developed to support sustainability and tactical urbanism in compliance with the City of Lemon Grove’s General Plan and the Bikeway Master Plan. Unique proposals were to meet key needs identified by the city while developing a GIS-based asset management project to enhance the Lemon Grove biking experience. GIS data were collected for bike routes and bike storage using ArcCollector, ArcGIS, and ArcMap. These data were incorporated into a proposed bike lane map for the City of Lemon Grove that included existing marked and unmarked lanes, optional routes, and proposed new marked routes., San Diego State University
Brand system for the Greening a New Renewable City program for the City of Lemon Grove
The SDSU Sage Project working with the City of Lemon Grove is interested in developing a brand system for the Greening a New Renewable City program for the City of Lemon Grove. This program embodies Lemon Grove's ideals within its Climate Action Plan, helps establish the sense of community, and promotes civic engagement to prevent climate change. This mission is to also spread awareness that Lemon Grove is now designated as a Tree City USA, and to involve the community with related events. The target audience includes a wide group, consisting of youth, families, businesses and community members within the Lemon Grove district. Five designers in San Diego State University's Design Studio course worked on different original solutions for this design brief. A name for the program was not set, so some designs have different name approaches that best fit their design. A cohesive and harmonious brand system was uniquely created to reflect desired outcomes. Each solution system displays a set of example deliverables to communicate the different aspects and reach of the program., San Diego State University
City of Lemon Grove Drainage Master Plan: Drainage Area 138
The fixtures proposed in this report by Trinity Engineering (TE) at San Diego State University were made based on the findings of a hydrology study, known problematic areas through observed site surveying, and known local residential reports. Property value of houses and businesses and safety of pedestrians and vehicular traffic during flooding events are of the utmost importance. TE’s top solution was based on consideration of cost estimates and was a basic maintenance and cleaning of storm drainage pipes which we believe will greatly improve water flow. TE’s second solution is to input bigger pipes and parallel pipes in channels 5 and 6 in order to prevent flooding in Area 138. The costs for these improvements were estimated based on the County of San Diego 2016 Unit Price List, Caltrans 2015 Contract Cost Data, and other cost estimate guidelines. The cost analysis does not include the right-of-way purchases and engineering design cost., San Diego State University
City of Lemon Grove Gateway Signs
This document summarizes the report and recommendation of Lucky 13 Engineering regarding the design and construction of Gateway Signs for the City of Lemon Grove. The City of Lemon Grove is a beautiful up and coming city in the greater San Diego area. The growth and development in this city is just starting and can been seen in the Main Street Promenade, the Citronica housing development, and the current Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment Project. Lucky 13 Engineering has taken into consideration the opinions of the City and its residents while designing signs which will help in developing a unified feel for Lemon Grove and the direction of growth., San Diego State University
City of Lemon Grove Tree Planting Initiative
The urban greening and renewal of a city requires the cooling effect of new trees. This prerequisite affects the development of green rooftops and rooftop gardens and the efficiency of water usage across city parks and public facilities. With this understanding, this report proposes to enhance the population of trees across the City of Lemon Grove., San Diego State University
City of Lemon Grove Village Core District Street & Sidewalk Improvements (Team 7)
Did you know how beneficial a roundabout could be in the city? Roundabouts are very creative ideas that would help the traffic and our environment a lot and make the city look nicer. The City of Lemon Grove plans to construct the 2022 Village Core District Street and Sidewalk Improvement. Our plan is to stimulate several important changes to downtown. These changes will provide for vibrant pedestrian- friendly and transit-oriented situations on Broadway. These plans also detail the stormwater will treat the storm water in the area as well as redesigning the medians and the structure of the road. We provide plans and studies that will serve as guidance to decision- makers, who are in charge of this project. JASAV intends to maintain Lemon Grove's downtown “village” character., San Diego State University
Community Gardens and City Parks in Lemon Grove, CA
The City of Lemon Grove has collaborated with the Sage Project and San Diego State University to develop and introduce a community garden and evaluate the current city parks to determine what can be achieved to further benefit and serve the residents of Lemon Grove. This comprehensive report addresses these main objectives and offers recommendations for ways to further serve residents regarding these two city amenities. By reaching out to the community of Lemon Grove through surveys, interviews and questionnaires, feedback was collected regarding the community’s perceptions of a potential community garden, the city’s current parks, and the amenities that are currently offered. By providing the community with a dedicated area to grow its own produce and opportunities for community involvement, equipping city parks with exercise equipment and park activity events, and strengthening safety factors the residents of Lemon Grove can develop a greater sense of community that helps foster healthier and active lifestyles. Based on our analysis of the data collected, we provided cost-effective recommendations that promote healthy lifestyle habits to better serve the residents of Lemon Grove., San Diego State University
Envisioning a Lemon Grove Gateway
This report details the work of students and faculty at San Diego State University in collaboration with the Sage Project and the City of Lemon Grove to develop design concepts for a site located off the Lemon Grove Avenue off-ramp for the CA-94. Realignment of this off-ramp has created the need for a more appealing gateway into Lemon Grove. To provide meaningful design proposals, we surveyed the history of Lemon Grove and the existing conditions of the project site and consulted with practicing urban designers and architects who provided solutions for the site location. Adapting Viki Estrada’s design model, we developed three design concepts for the project site. Two of the designs, discussed in greater detail, incorporate concepts for walkable neighborhoods and urban agriculture. A third proposed design utilizes existing land use and zoning regulations and generates additional revenue through mixed-use development. A matrix was also developed to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each design in terms of their potential impact on residents as well as city and regional goals., San Diego State University
Greening a Renewable Lemon Grove
The City of Lemon Grove is a continuously developing community that is actively seeking new ways of implementing sustainable initiatives. Community involvement is critical concerning reformation of current greenery within Lemon Grove. Our team of five students decided to explore the varying perspectives of residents pertaining to the current landscaping conditions of their neighborhoods, parks, and office spaces. Urbanization of developing cities is accompanied by the need to preserve trees and green infrastructure, and our secondary research studied five notable benefits that trees provide for cities such as Lemon Grove. Our chosen topics include reduction of carbon emissions, preservation of urban biodiversity, enhancement of property value, improvement of shade cover, and effects on physical and mental health. After reporting on the advantages that trees bring to urban areas, our team designed questions for current residents that were salient in helping answer our research question; “What methods can we use to find local opportunities for urban green projects and how can we measure the residents’ willingness to actively participate in tree expansion?”. We constructed an online survey using Qualtrics in order to evaluate rankings, capture opinions, and measure enthusiasm to contribute to the expansion of trees in Lemon Grove. After distribution through social media, we were able to collect 69 valid responses which we methodically analyzed using SPSS. Our findings indicate the community aspires to develop better green infrastructure, and most residents are willing to actively assist in the maintenance and fostering of trees for the betterment of their living conditions. We conclude our report with recommendations for the city based on our findings, and a discussion of our limitations that arose throughout our project., San Diego State University
Growing Community: Bringing Green Spaces and a Community Garden to Lemon Grove
This study was conducted to investigate the potential benefits, challenges and overall feasibility of implementing green spaces as well as a community garden in the City of Lemon Grove. The report includes a detailed site proposal, strategies for cost neutrality, alternative plans of action, as well as additional guides and resources for the construction, maintenance and operations of a sustainable community garden in San Diego, CA., San Diego State University