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SDSU Faculty and Staff Works

Collection of scholarly and creative works by SDSU Faculty and Staff members.

Student Studying

SDSU Student Works

Collection of works created by the San Diego State University student body.

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University Works

Collection of catalogs, bulletins, and promotional materials published through the university administration or academic departments.

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SDSU Theses and Dissertations

Collection of student theses and dissertations from as early as 1963, but mainly from 2010 to present.

Geological Sciences student in the field

Geological Sciences Senior Theses

Collection of Senior undergraduate research theses from the Department of Geological Sciences.

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SDSU Syllabus Collection

Collection of course syllabi by SDSU faculty from 2011 to present.

the sage project

Sage Project: Community Engagement for Sustainable Cities

Collection of projects and reports from across San Diego County.

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SDSU Course Catalogs and Bulletins

Most catalogs include class listings, university organization, academic calendar and list of faculty and administrators. 1899 to 2012.

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SDSU Digital Humanities Collection

Collection of digital scholarship by SDSU students and Faculty and Staff.

Veterans Oral History Program

Veterans Oral History Program

The Veterans Oral History Program was developed to collect and preserve the dynamic experiences of the campus' military-connected community. The collection consists of oral history interviews, group dialogues, and History 390W student works.

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Commencement Programs

The San Diego State University Commencement Program Collection includes programs from commencement ceremonies between 1903-2017.

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Detainee Allies Letter Collection

Collection of letters written by individuals detained at various U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency sites.

Historical photo of Black Panther members

San Diego Black Panther Collection

A collection of oral histories inspired by the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party.

SDSU professor emeritus of English, Larry McCaffery

Larry McCaffery Collection

A collection of interviews with notable postmodern and contemporary American writers conducted by SDSU professor emeritus of English, Larry McCaffery.